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In the long term, your medical practice can save plenty of greenbacks while going green. When you save energy, recycle, and use ecologically-sound, responsibly-sourced medical supplies, you can save money every month. Over time, these small savings add up. The case studies cited here, which included a veterinary practice and a rural hospital, featured savings of nearly $10,000 every year just by their switch to environmentally-friendly medical office supplies. With some expert tips and a fine medical supply store at your side, your office, too, can join these healthcare professionals as they save themselves money and contribute to the long-term health of all of Earth’s inhabitants. Start saving money today with these tips: jitendra swarup md

Motion sensors save energy with automated lighting: Forget to turn the lights off when you finish examining a patient? Do the lights stay on even when your office is closed? If you spend a little now to purchase timers and motion sensors to regulate the lighting in your examination rooms and waiting room, you can save quite a bit of money over the years as your utility bills go down with your carbon footprint following suit.Purchase recyclable medical supplies that contain recycled content: Disposable medical supplies made from recycled materials can help save the Earth and money. Usually they are cheaper than reusable supplies or those made from non-recycled materials. Your staff, too, will save time by using medical office equipment that does not have to be sterilized with each use.

Choose other supplies that are Earth-friendly: Though your office may already be using disposable cups to administer medication, thermometer tips, examination table covers, and drape sheets, you can find even more disposable products that can help you save time, money, and help your office become more environmentally friendly. Health Care Without Harm, an organization dedicated to providing health care that benefits both your patients and the Earth itself, provides information about products that require less packaging and which contain fewer toxins, such as mercury. Your reception area, break room, and maintenance supplies can also be switched to products that can be recycled and that have been produced using sustainable sources.Purchase rapid testing supplies that you can check in your office: Using rapid testing that you and your staff can do in your own office also cuts down on waste. Convenient and disposable, quick tests for strep, flu, and urinalysis are readily available from any full-service medical supply store. Many can even be ordered online. Not having to send samples to a lab cuts down on time spent preparing the tests for shipment-and helps to save the environment and money and by avoiding unnecessary trips.