Rat Pest Control Services

Discovering rats and mice in your property is a sinking feeling and frightening situation. Not only does
vermin spread diseases, but they also create an unhealthy environment to live in, destroy your property
chewing through cables, walls and contaminate your stored food.

Not only do rats cause damage, but they also multiply at a rapid rate, and if you don’t deal with the
rodents quickly, your place will become overrun with a rat infestation, so what do you do?
Is Do it Yourself Rat Control Successful?

While Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products are a cost-effective way of control rat problems in low-risk areas,
professional pest control is required for high-risk areas in Sheeld and more established rat colonies or
where there is a repeated infestation.

If you have a larger infestation and are unable to get this under control, you will require the assistance of
more specialised treatment which is not available over the counter. Buggenix pest control Our Apex Pest Control Technicians are trained to administer and distribute a range of humane and baited traps to eliminate your rat

Full service during the coronavirus outbreak.

Rat pest control services are considered as an essential service and our pest control ocers are
designated as key workers.

We take every precaution whilst working at your property. For more information please get in touch

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We offer an affordable high-quality service speedy response and eradication of pests excellent standards
of customer service fully qualied and experienced pest control ocers, RSPH/BPCA and NPTA
certication local knowledge and experience. Pests we treat are listed under vermin, bugs, insects and
birds. You can nd us under pest control companies that deal with pests on the British Pest Control
Association and Nationa Pest Technicians Association websites.

Buggenix Pest Control Services

We will come to your home and treat any infestations of rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, eas and
wasps and pharaoh ants

Information sheets about each type of pest bed bugs black (garden) ants cockroaches eas foxes mice
oak processionary moths pharaoh ants pigeons rats wasps/bees other insects The following charges
apply for different treatments and are inclusive of VAT: Treatment Prices. 
Rat Control from £110 for 3 visits and treatmen

Bed bug £187.80 per treatment

Bed bugs in a house of multiple occupation Price on application by the landlor

Cockroaches £128.40 for three visits

Fleas £70.80 per visit Mice £128.40 for three visit

Pharoah ants £128.40 for three visits

Wasp £70.80 per visit Black (garden)

Ants £70.80 per visi

Landlords of houses in multiple occupations with bed bug infestations Buggenix will only treat Houses in
Multiple Occupation (HMO) for bed bugs if the service is requested and paid for by the landlord.

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