Know the 5Cs of a Diamond Grading System

We all know that diamonds are having the 4Cs of the gradation system. We all know; Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut are the 4Cs of diamond grading points to be considered globally. But today we will be discussing the 5C concept of a diamond grading system. What are those 5Cs are, come, let’s have a look at them? While we are making apink diamond list of parameters on what basis we will make our investment on this, then we must consider these facts.

Color is primary:

Generally, diamonds are available in a colorless form, which we have termed as “White diamonds”. But, there are colored diamonds which come under the fancy color diamond category are also available in the market. Such as we can get brown, black, blue, brown, red, pink several colored diamonds in the market. Depending upon its hue, saturation, and tone the gradation is being done by the gemologists.

Carat is also essential:

Carat is the weighing parameters of a diamond. Normally it counts as 0.2 gram is equal to 1-carat weight. The astounding fact about this the carat price is varying for the round-up carats. Say for example, if a diamond stone is weighing 0.99 carats, and another one is having 1.0 carats of weight, the price difference between these two will be dramatically changed. While the price differences between 0.99 carats and 0.98 carats don’t have many differences. This is the fact you should know before investing in diamonds.

Clarity is the most vital:

Diamond stones are available with clarity which is a state where no blemishes or inclusions can be seen. While the imperfections are seen into the stone then it is called blemishes and at the outer surface, it is termed as inclusions. This clarity is measured at a scale of the 11-factor scale. The prices of a diamond will depend on the threshold of clarity levels, such as FL (Flawless), IF (Internally Flawless), VVSs (Very Very Small inclusions) and so on. So, you must be aware of it before buying a diamond stone.

Cut is almost important:

The cut is related to the shape of a diamond stone. This means that after the cut process the shape comes with square, round, oval or other fancy shapes (like heart, pear or marquise). It is a vital process of a diamond grading system. Based on the cut the price of diamond stone differs. The diamond gets its carats lost while it is under the polishing process. The diamonds are getting their perfect luminance at this cutting process. That is why it is so vital. There are five cut grades, such as Excellent to Poor. If the light passes through the stone perfectly then the grade is brilliance, and if it is sparkling on a moving diamond stone, then it is called scintillation.


Certificate is the last, but not the least:

You must see the certificate of a diamond, which is also known as diamond reports. It is prepared by the authorized gemologists. You may see there are hundreds of possible comments on the certificate with probable irregularities of the stone. This is the thing you need to consider at the time of buying a diamond.