Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University – How does Iyengar Yoga Benefit People Today

If you see yoga in general, it has an extensive fan following across the world. In fact, in the recent decades, there has been a surge in its popularity shares Dr. Harvey Shapiro from Boston. He says that thanks to the contemporary shift towards spiritual exercises and alternative sports, yoga is now popular and benefiting both the young and old across the world.

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University – What are the key benefits of Iyengar Yoga?

Dr. Harvey Shapiro is a Clinical Professor in the Graduate School of Education from the College of Professional Studies at the Northwestern University in Boston. He is an avid practitioner of Iyengar Yoga and adds that if you have been doing yoga for a long time, you would know there are different types of yoga. Iyengar Yoga is one of the most popular yogic practices with a host of mental, spiritual, and physical benefits.

Difficult to start within the beginning; however, the goals are attainable

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University is a credible name in the nation where students from all over the nation come to study. In order to beat the stress of studies and assignments, yoga helps the mind to focus.  Harvey Shapiro adds that the uniqueness of Iyengar yoga lies in the importance of perfecting the different yogic postures. He says that there is a degree of difficulty in the beginning when it comes to perfecting the poses; however, the goals are quite attainable. As a person progresses in Iyengar yoga, there are several opportunities to get a sense of attainment with practice on the way.

The use of props for practicing the yogic postures

He adds that there is another salient feature of Iyengar Yoga: the use of different props. He says that sharing external objects in this yoga practice is actually the acknowledgment of the difficulties that individuals encounter when they start to exercise, especially for those who are starting for the first time.

He says they are new to the exercise and the use of different props makes it simple for them to manage the postures. With regular practice, they are able to do away with the props and manage the yogic postures on their own.

Get visible results with regular practice

He says that Iyengar Yoga gives you noticeable results. With regular practice in a short period of time.  If you are obese and looking for safe and holistic weight management, this yoga largely helps you. Many exercises will help you to shed the extra fat on your body. Moreover, unlike other forms of yoga, you do not strain the body, and you will not suffer from muscle aches and sores. In the beginning, there might be some mild feelings of discomfort; however, they disappear with time.

Harvey Shapiro Northeastern University offers a wide range of academic courses to its students with skilled Faculty in all departments. As a professor, Harvey Shapiro says that several students have improved their mental faculties with the regular practice of Iyengar Yoga. He says that you are able to feel good and keep off the extra weight. This yoga boosts your quality of life, and this is why it is so popular across the world today.