6 Unique Restaurants In Dubai For An Enticing Dining Experience

Who would have thought that a desert-like place will be catching millions of tourists all around the world each year? Dubai, a modern hub for travellers to enjoy their vacations, is the top listed city in the entire world where you can find all the luxury known to a person. People often think to buy villa in Dubai or an apartment and try to start a living here permanently.

Dubai is filled with a plethora of enticing restaurants for visitors to enjoy. We have created a list for you that will cater to your taste needs while giving you a unique ambiance on your stay in Dubai.


With a very interesting concept, Enigma opened. Every three months, the head chef is changed, each belongs from the top of the 50 best chefs in the world and every chef updates the dining room and the menu. First was Quique Dacosta, a Spaniard for dramatic presentation with a penchant. Following him, a pioneer of minimalist, Nordic cuisine was Swedish chef Björn Frantzén. Now Yunus Emre Aydin is in the kitchen and he has been granted a longer tenure. He’s not one of the 50 best in the world, but the restaurant has still found its finest. It is a comfortable environment and workers are much more comfortable than one would expect for the high destination. In spite of the setting and service, rates are fair.

Atmosphere Restaurant & Lounge

Dining will never feel any less than exciting in the world’s highest restaurant. Fortunately, food is as good as the environment. A choice for business lunches provides real value as regular meals are arranged on an evening basis. The European menu uses top ingredients to deliver classic French cuisine. The food is of the highest quality and the flavours are unbelievable. Everything is excellent. Service’s sweet, too. This may be a treat for many people once a year, but if so, it’s a fantastic one.

Royal Express

Themed on India’s luxurious Royal Express train with a past going back to the days of the Maharajas, this restaurant is really something. You are going to hear ambient music with platform messages in Hindi, and train noises when tucking in your curry, built to look like their motorized namesake. Service is a little too diligent and food is always spicy, so focus on moderate variants. If you want to try something new, stop by, you probably won’t have to bother with a reservation and will be treated with exceptional food in an exceptional setting.


The Palm hotel’s Atlantis seafood restaurant is, in a word, spectacular. Yet Ossiano’s cuisine rises well above cheesiness, including the gold paint scheme and gigantic aquariums instead of walls. Among some of the elegant seafood, offerings are lobster gazpacho, superior Sturia caviar, and crispy monkfish. Undoubtedly, the visitors are often astonished by the ambience and food that this place offers.


Lookout from the Al Qasr hotel or Jumeirah beach to the sea and you’ll see the black warehouse-style front of Pierchic floating on wooden stilts above the waves. It looks rather like a mystical beach house in Arabia than a first-rate restaurant with seafood. You have to walk along the long private pier to reach it. You will see a sail-shaped luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel on one side, the massive Atlantis Palm hotel on the other. You may as well protect your legs and jump into a golf cart to reach there. New and elegantly cooked oysters, yellow-fin tuna, sea scallops, and assorted fishy carpaccios are all included in their top cuisines. Take the seats near the sea for a splendid view.

Al Hadheerah

One of the hardest things to hunt down in Dubai is Emirati cuisine, despite its diverse food scene. Al Hadheerah loads in as many Arabian desert cliches as a tourist can take as if to cope. To start with, you are within the walls of a typical fortress.  It’s all a bit Disney, but the regional cuisine wins through—a whole lamb is a standout, sunk into a pit of charcoal and six hours slow-cooked.

These are the top six unique and enticing restaurants that you can go to on your visit to Dubai. If you are looking forward to enjoying a lovely dinner night, choose from one of these restaurants to get a unique experience. You can choose a place in Bulgari Residences Dubai to settle permanently if you are trying to shift permanently to Dubai.

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